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From Below
NES | Preorder

$89.99 CAD / Sold out

Sale runs from September 19th, 2023 until October 16th, 2023.

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Price is in Canadian $. Roughly $66 USD or €61.

From Below is on a playable cartridge for the NES. This is an open pre-order for a limited time. Orders will be manufactured and shipped at the end of the preorder window.


  • Cart (Broke Studio components)
  • Box
  • Manual
  • Plastic Sleeve (Black)
  • Styrofoam insert


Classic gameplay with a Twist
Featuring the falling-block gameplay you know in love, all while the Kraken works against you pushing garbage blocks up from the bottom of the ocean.

Modernized Controls
This is the absolute best-feeling game of this genre on the NES!

Battle-Tested by the Pros
Extensive player feedback from the pros has resulted in a game that hardcore players love to play. Whether it's the "Kill Screen" after level 30, or Lock-Delay to keep the game playable at extreme speeds, From Below is a highlight reel waiting to happen!

Price includes world-wide shipping with tracking, and is distributed by Broke Studio. Games are expected to ship before December 2023!